Sinus Lift

Sinus Lift in Sarasota by Dr. Ryan C Taylor
Sinus Lift in Sarasota

Many times patients who have lost the teeth of the upper jaw require a sinus lift procedure in order to have dental implants inserted. The reason for this is that the bone where the teeth once were begins to recede or shrink as time goes on. The result is the sinuses begin to take up the space once occupied by the bone. Without sufficient bone in place to secure the dental implants to, a sinus lift must be used to move the sinuses to the area they are meant to be, and to reinforce the area with additional bone.

The Procedure

There are two kinds of sinus lift procedures, and the type you receive will depend on both your individual circumstances and the amount of bone you have remaining. Your doctor will discuss these options prior to any procedure.

Before beginning, a local anesthetic is applied to the site of the procedure. The doctor then makes a small opening in the bone to get to the sinus cavity. By using a small surgical instrument the doctor gently elevates the sinus, restoring it to its original position. A grafting material is used beneath the sinus cavity and along the existing bone. Grafting materials then integrate with your own, creating more bone.

After the Procedure

Under most circumstances you will need four to nine months to heal fully from a sinus lift procedure prior to being ready for dental plants. The increase in bone tissue will make up for any bone lost, and allow the placement of multiple dental implants. Without a sinus lift, many patients are unable to qualify for dental implants.

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