Osseous Surgery

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Osseous Surgery in Sarasota

Osseous surgery, or flap surgery, is performed when the pocket around the teeth is not reacting to other methods of treatment. The procedure is performed to create clean and sanitary environment around the tooth so that it can be kept and not lost. Osseous surgery is usually tried after other methods have been exhausted and is performed when the depth of the pocket has diminished over time.

The Procedure

Before commencing the procedure the gums are numbed with local anesthesia. An incision in the gums is made in the area to be treated. The gum is then separated from the tooth and the bone underneath so there can be access to the area. The surface of the tooth is thoroughly cleaned of any plaque buildup.

Next the surface of the bone is smoothed down. Bacteria becomes trapped in the pocket around the teeth and eat away at the bone making it uneven and rough. In order to ensure a proper healing response, smoothing out these rough surfaces on the bone is necessary.

After the root of the teeth are cleaned and the bone smoothed down the gum tissue is trimmed to match the repaired structure and is sewn into place. These stitches are placed to keep the gums in the correct position as the tissue heals.

After the Procedure

After the procedure you may be prescribed medication to control your pain. After six to ten days your stitches will be removed unless dissolving stitches were used. One month later an appointment should be scheduled to review the status of the healing in the area. Because gum tissue is cut during the procedure the tooth may appear to be longer. This may affect sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures.

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