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Gum Recession Treatment in Sarasota by Dr. Ryan C Taylor
Gum Recession Treatment in Sarasota

Gum recession is an unattractive result of periodontal disease. With gum recession, the gum line may recede low enough for the tooth roots to become visible. This can create conditions of sensitivity, inflammation, or decay. Gum recession can be treated. A gum graft can repair gum recession and along with it prevent bone loss and the gym deterioration that may be a result of exposed roots.

Three Types of Gum Grafting

1. Connective-Tissue Graft: This method of gum grafting is the most commonly performed and can be used to treat recession of the gyms around one or more teeth. A flap of skin is removed from the roof of the patient’s mouth. Donor tissue is removed from under the flap, and the flap is stitched back into place. The donor gum grafting tissue is sewn into the area that surrounds the exposed root. This tissue grows back together covering and correcting the gum recession.

2. Free Gingival Graft: This type of gum graft pulls donor tissue from roof of the mouth without creating a flap first. Donor tissue is sewn into the area afflicted by gum recession. Patients who possess thin gums often choose this procedure. It is also possible to obtain donor material from a tissue bank.

3. Pedicle Graft: This method of gum grafting pulls donor material from the gyms around the location of the gym recession. A flap of skin is cut into the gum tissue and then pulled over to cover the exposed root. It is sutured in place to cover the receded gums. Patients who possess adequate gym tissue benefit from using pedicle grafts.

After the gum grafting procedure the patient is placed on a diet restricted to soft foods and given careful instructions on how to best care for themselves pot-op. It is very important that the area of the gum graft not be flossed or brushed until after it has adequately healed. Dr. Ryan Taylor will recommend an over-the-counter anti inflammatory drug after using gum grafting to treat receded gums.

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