Gingivectomy in Sarasota for Severe Periodontal Disease Treatment
Gingivectomy in Sarasota

A gingivectomy is a procedure typically performed when the patient has such severe periodontal disease that it can not be treated with scaling, root, planing, or other periodontal procedures. Gingivectomies are performed to shape and remove diseased gum tissue which has become loose, and to reduce the depth of the pockets between gums and teeth.

The Procedure

Before the procedure begins, the surrounding area is fully numbed with use of local anesthetics. Incisions are made and excess gum tissue is removed. After all diseased gum tissue is removed, a protective material is placed over the gyms as they heal.

After the Gingivectomy Procedure

After the procedure your diet must be limited to only soft foods. It is important to drink only cool or slightly warm liquids while the protective material is in place over your gums. You must keep the mouth clean following your procedure. While it is important not to brush directly in the area where the procedure took place, it is possible to brush and floss the surrounding areas. After a few weeks the gums will have healed fully and it will be possible to begin brushing and flossing, albeit starting gently at first.

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